LGC has developed a six two-hour session professional development training series aimed at improving personal leadership skills, teamwork and public engagement skills for employees, board members and future board members.  This series is specifically tailored for cities, towns, counties and other
government entities in very small, rural communities.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Public Officials and Board Members: Review the basics of working for and with a public organization including basic requirements for public meetings (meeting notice, agenda, minutes), board responsibilities and rules of procedure.
  • Real Colors™: Focuses on identifying an individual’s natural personality temperament; explores the strengths, needs, Joys, and values of each; and creates an environment that encourages dialogue and understanding.
  • Ethics & Values: Explore personal vs. organizational ethics and values and how they shape individuals’ work.
  • Generational Understanding: Explore generational differences and how to build functional multi-generational teams in the workplace.
  • Communication: Learn how effective communication can build good working relationships which can in turn improve morale, efficiency, and public engagement.
  • Conflict Management: Discover your go-to conflict style and learn strategies to manage and reduce conflict with others.

Additional topics can be added to the series for an additional fee. 

Why This Training Series?

This series offers employees and volunteers from small towns a rare opportunity to learn more about themselves and others which can lead to better communication, improved relationships and more effective teams. Learning new ideas for working with others and having the time to discuss and practice new skills is a benefit that many will appreciate.

This series can be useful in orienting new employees or newly seated board members to the organization and helping to build camaraderie.  The series may reenergize long-standing employees or board members to help them approach their positions with a fresh perspective.  All participants of the training series should experience an increase in skills needed to work well together and to be effective in the workplace. 

Outcomes of this training include:

  • Increased employee engagement,
  • Reduced conflict among teams,
  • Improved customer service to the public,
  • Increased understanding of and compliance with rules specific to public organizations,
  • Greater connection with community,
  • General increase of skills of local community volunteers, and
  • Improved perception of your local government.


This series consists of six two-hour sessions presented in your community.  The series can be offered once a week for six weeks, every other week for 12 weeks, once a month for six months or concentrated into 2-3 half-day sessions or on another schedule that fits your needs.  LGC will work with your community to schedule the training on mutually convenient dates beginning in Fall 2018.

Who should attend?

This program requires a MINIMUM of 16 participants and a MAXIMUM of 35 participants. 

The topics covered in this series are suitable for employees, board members or future board members.  Your organization will determine who you want to attend the series based on your needs. 

Consider partnering to bring this to your town

County, school district, hospital and nonprofit employees as well as public board members and other community leaders would benefit from this training and are welcome to be included in your invite list. 

Your organization is free to partner with other organizations, charge admission, request sponsorships or explore other creative ways to cover the course fee.  LGC can advise you on how other communities have raised funds to cover the cost of the sessions.


This program is offered at a special price of $4,850 which includes the six sessions, materials for up to 35 people and LGC travel. 

If there are additional topics your organization needs, LGC can add sessions at the LGC’s typical fee schedule, which is $500 per half-day session plus travel. 

The MSU Local Government Center will send an invoice following completion of the program, with payment due on receipt.


For any questions regarding this series including how it can be customized for your community, please contact Tara Mastel at tara.mastel@montana.edu or 406.490.4180.