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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives, both professionally and personally. The Local Government Center's (LGC) training and education plans have changed drastically, as well. While we are not able to host the 2021 Montana Municipal Institute in Bozeman as we had planned, we have created other opportunities for you in an effort to provide relevant, timely education and help you stay on track for graduation from the Montana Municipal Institute curriculum. 

We plan to host a series of webinars that will be available for credit hours throughout the next several months. We plan to host webinars twice per month. You can see the tentative schedule below, but please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change without notice based on presenter availability and/or technical issues. Check the schedule on the bottom of this page often to see the most current schedule plan. 

All webinars will be held live and you are welcome and encouraged to log into the live sessions where you can ask questions and interact with the presenter and your fellow participants. We will record all webinars and post them on this page for your reference. You can watch the videos as many times as you like, with no restriction to access. 

There is no cost to watch the video recordings posted on our website. However, if you are interested in earning education credit hours for watching or participating in the webinars, you will need to register for our 2021 Online Education bundle. Since we are providing this education virtually, we are able to offer the bundle as a price that is greatly reduced in comparison to the annual Montana Municipal Institute registration fee. This 2021 online education bundle is $100.00* and includes all webinars and related online education activites in the online education portal until December 2021. Participants will be able to earn AT LEAST 8 education credit hours through this online education bundle. Please note, this bundle does NOT include the Fundamentals of Montana Municipal Government online course. 

If you would like to earn IIMC, APT US&C, and/or MMCTFOA education credit hours for your participation in these webinars, you MUST complete the three-step registration process outlined below. You will need to 1) register, 2) participate in the webinar OR watch the video recording, and 3) complete the knowledge assessment in the education portal to recieve recognition for your earned credit hours. 


*This reduced registration fee is made possible for Montana participants through our partnership with the Montana Municipal Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers Association. If you are interested in accessing this virtual bundle for IIMC approved education credits and are outside the State of Montana, please contact our office to discussion pricing and access options.  

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Step 1: Create or access your eXtension account

Log into or create your online eXtension education account. Please create ONLY ONE account per user. If you create multiple accounts, we cannot track your education credit hours. NOTE: The eXtension education account is linked to a single PERSON not a POSITION. If you use a general email (i.e. clerk@townoftreasure.com) you might consider using another email that is unique to you such as a personal gmail account.  

Click here to access the account registration instructions page

Step 2: 2021 online education bundle registration form

Complete and submit the 2021 online education bundle registration form found HERE.

Once your registration has been successfully submitted, we will enroll you in the course and send you an email with a link to access the portal. 

Step 3: Pay for education bundle registration

If you chose "pay online" in the registration form, click the button below. If you chose the "invoice me" option, you will recieve an email with the invoice from the Local Government Center within 5 business days. 



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Webinar Schedule

Click on the button below the schedule to access the WebEx virtual meeting room where the webinar will be held.
* Schedule is subject to change
Date Title Presenter


January 28th 

2:00 pm

Nuts and Bolts:                                       

Breakout 1- Council packets and meeting minutes             

Breakout 2- Who do you call?          

Breakout 3- HR - Covid leave                                                    

Breakout 4- Basic accounting procedures

Municipal Clerks


February 17th

1:00 pm

Effective Productivity and Taming the Email Beast MSU Local Government Center  




Financial Terminology and Internal Controls Nikki Brummond  




TBA Local Government Services Bureau




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Recorded Webinars

All of the previously recorded webinars in this series are posted below. These webinars are free and accessible by clicking on the button.

If you are a Montana municipal clerk, treasurer, finance officer, or deputy interested in earning educational credit hours through the MSU Local Government Center by watching this video follow these steps: 

Step 1: Register and pay for the webiar series course (see registration instructions above). If you do not recieve an email confirming your access to the online education portal for this course within 24 hours, email jane.macdonald@montana.edu 

Step 2: Watch the webinar BY CLICKING ON THE LINK IN THE EDUCATION PORTAL. Do NOT access the webinar by clicking the button below or you will not earn credit for watching the webinar. 

Step 3: Successfully pass the corresponding quiz in the education portal.






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If you need ADA accomodations to complete any of the registration activities or access the webinars, please contact the MSU Local Government Center at 406.994.6694