The Montana Local Government Board Handbook was written by a group of highly-qualified Montana State University Extension educators and other professionals with experience and motivation to write and teach on the subject of local government board governance.

Content includes a summary of the principal boards in Montana, how to serve on a board, how to conduct an effective board meeting, leadership and team building techniques, and a description of each board in terms of creation, purpose, membership, authority and funding.

The handbook was last published in 2016 and an updated version is currently in draft form (see below). Once the new Montana Code Annotated statutes from the 2021 Montana Legislative Session are codified, the updated version will be available here in pdf and html formats.

2016 Montana County Board Handbook content: 

Overview of Boards, Districts, Committees, or Commissions in Montana

Legal Issues for Boards

How to Make Your Board Meetings More Effective

Leadership and Team Building Skills

Montana Boards, Districts, Commissions, and Committees